Water Damage Restoration Services in Lantana, FL

If your home or business has water damage it is imperative to act quickly! Mold growth can occur in as little as 24 hours, which can make emergency restoration services more extensive. Call today for a FREE inspection!

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Common Problems We Cater To

  • General Water Damage Repair
  • Bursting or Leaking Pipes / Hoses
  • Condensation Buildup from Air Conditioner
  • Leaks in Roof
  • Cracks in Foundation
  • Water Buildup in Crawl Spaces
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Weather-Related Natural Disasters
  • Dark or Wet Spots
  • Sounds of Running Water
  • Sudden Increase in Utility Bill
  • Damp and Moldy Smell

Water damage is a serious problem. It can cause you to lose your belongings, and even cost you money if not dealt with quickly enough.

Many people think that once the water has been cleaned up, their problems are over. However, this is far from true. The moisture that was previously in the air must be removed as well! This means drying out every surface of your home or business so mold does not grow and spread throughout it.

We provide professional water remediation services for South Florida residents and businesses alike! Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all sorts of water issues in homes and businesses across the area, allowing us to offer fast response times no matter what time of day or night it may be when you need our help most! All work is done by licensed professionals who are certified in both cleaning procedures as well as structural repair methods should any damage occur during cleanup processes due to negligence on part of homeowner/business owner(s).

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This company is a Godsend! I was paralyzed by all the decisions and paperwork that came with my insurance check: Which contractors? How will I get the mortgage company to cooperate? What about the permits? BUT Tori & Jason guided us every step of the way. They know the best contractors. They know how to navigate the mortgage companies. They pull all the permits. Simply, they made the nightmare I was in go away, and now that my home is finished, it’s a dream! Thank you thank you thank you!

Thyme S

Restore Remodel Renew recently renovated our bathroom and a portion of our living room after an extensive leak. We had another contractor who initially looked at the project but follow up and communication was horrible so decided not to move forward. 

I was referred to Jason and he took over this project completely. I highly recommend Torrie, Jason, and the rest of the Restore Remodel Renew team for any of your contracting needs! 

David C

When water damage affects your home or business, water damage repair is crucial! If water removal and drying are not completed quickly, structural damage can occur. Mold adores the dampness from water damage and creeps in quietly without you noticing. Our company provides expert level water restoration services.

  • We are available 24/7 in the case of emergencies
  • We offer immediate local response
  • Our company is certified and insured
  • All of our employees are fully trained and certified
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment

We are a certified, highly reviewed company serving all of South Florida. We are proud to be EPA certified, EPA Lead Safe certified, OSHA certified, and IICRC certified. Proud Member of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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