While the awareness of mold has increased over the last few years, families are still being affected by this problem. Some families might not even realize their symptoms are due to moisture and mold somewhere in their home. Mold can cause several health effects for those living near it. The unfortunate reality is that mold can be extra harmful to children, seniors, and those who get easily sick. It’s important to be able to spot the symptoms of mold exposure in children. 

If you notice that you or someone in your family is constantly getting sick for no reason, mold may be the problem. Mold produces very small and light spores that end up flowing through the air and disrupting indoor air quality. When a person is exposed to this tiny spore, they may experience an allergic reaction or allergy symptoms. This is especially true in more severe cases of mold exposure. 

Symptoms of mold exposure in children include several different effects on the lungs, immune system, eyes, and other parts of the body. Mold may be the culprit behind constant sickness in your household. This is why it’s important to get rid of any mold in your home as soon as possible. Restore Remodel Renew is here to safely and effectively rid your home of mold. With the constant humid weather of South Florida, you need a remediation service you can trust. 

Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Children

Many people don’t realize that mold exposure can cause many effects on the body. A missed water leak can be the culprit behind mold build-up. While these may not seem severe on the surface, they can be uncomfortable and troublesome on a day to day basis. Children, in particular, maybe even more vulnerable to sickness and some of the mold’s effects. This is because children do not have a fully developed immune system like adults do. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of mold exposure in children. 

Respiratory Problems

Over the years, it has become clear that there is a connection between mold-affect environments and repository problems in children. When a child is exposed to mold they may experience several respiratory problems. These effects can be compared to seasonal allergies such as:

  • Itchy nose
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Some flu-like symptoms

These effects can be even worse if your child has asthma. While all cases of mold can be problematic for children, the greatest risk is toxic black molds. This type of mold is much more dangerous and toxic to children in particular. They produce mycotoxins that can be particularly harmful to children (sometimes leading to death). Black mold symptoms in babies and children may include:

  • Burning feeling in the through, mouth, or nasal cavity
  • Severe breathing problems (bleeding in the lungs) if they get trapped in the lungs/sinuses

Black mold symptoms in babies can be particularly dangerous. Continued exposure to black mold can end up being very problematic and increases the risk of pneumonia and even death for infants. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you may have a mold problem. 

Skin and Eye Irritation

Toxic black mold has the potential to enter the body through the skin, especially for those who are younger. If a child is exposed to black mold they may experience irritation, rashes, or other skin problems. 

Black mold can also create irritation in the eyes. This can create vision problems and other uncomfortable symptoms like:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Bloodshot or red eyes
  • Eye inflammation/soreness

These skin and eye irritations can be uncomfortable and problematic as time goes on. Unfortunately, that is not the worst that black mold mycotoxins have to give. The symptoms of mold exposure in children can be much more intense. Other more severe health effects can come about after frequent exposure. 

Other Negative Effects of Black Mold Exposure

In addition to these problematic symptoms of mold exposure in children comes the more severe effects of black mold. If a child is exposed to the toxic microorganisms of black mold, this can eventually end up causing damage to the organs. The toxic specs of black mold can easily be transmitted through the mouth, the skin, or the eyes. After they have entered the body, they may rush through the bloodstream causing several circulatory and vascular problems. This can come in the form of irregular heartbeats, heart damage, lowered blood pressure, blood clots, and other symptoms. 

Some of the other symptoms of mold exposure in children may include:

  • Nausea
  • Hair loss
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constant fatigue
  • Discomfort and overall fatigue
  • Ear infections or trouble hearing
  • Constant colds or flu-like symptoms 
  • Muscle, chest, joint, and abdominal pain

The symptoms and severity of these effects depend on a person’s overall health condition and sensitivity to mold. However, the fact stands that the longer a child stays in a mold-affected area, the more sensitive to its effects they’ll become. This is why you should act fast and effectively if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your children. 

Getting Mold Removal Help

Identifying and eliminating mold from your property can be a tall and complicated task. To truly get rid of all mold, you have to find all places where there is mold. This could be in basements, kitchen, bathroom, and attics among other places. Once you have located the areas where there is mold, the next step is removal. 

It is highly recommended to reach out to trusted professionals like our team at Restore Remodel Renew. Getting effective and thorough mold remediation in your home is crucial to completely getting rid of all mold. We make the process quick and effective so you can get rid of all possible health risks for you and your family. 

The symptoms of mold exposure in children and adults can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Luckily, our experienced team is here to get rid of the problem once and for all. We offer remediation and comprehensive mold removal services anywhere in the South Florida area. If you’ve found mold in your home, it’s time to give us a call. Contact us today to learn about our services and remodeling opportunities.